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Location: Santa Barbara, California

Architect: Barry Winick

Contractor: Allen Construction

Strategically situated on a strip of land between the Pacific Ocean and a natural salt marsh, this open air beachfront residence is adorned in a palette of blues, greys, tans and greens to create a harmonious transition from the surrounding environment.

Special care was taken in the selection of recessed lighting and minimal window treatments, so as not to impede the spectacular views.

In the guest suite, wood ceilings and a mirrored wall application were used to mimic the eves, and to blur the interior and exterior.

Organic materials were used throughout the house, including Portuguese limestone, Italian marble, Brazilian hardwoods, and American white oak.

By selecting a balance of modern and traditional furnishings, we softened the hard edges of this contemporary design and brought a warmth and comfort to the interiors.

The highlights of this project are the custom details.  In addition to the one of a kind furniture pieces and bespoke linens, our favorite features are the two rugs that we designed: one that mimics an aerial view of the ocean surf and one that includes artwork drawn by our client’s children.



Carpinteria, California

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