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Location: Snowmass Village, Colorado

Architect: Larry Boerder

Contractor: Harry Mayer Construction

Tucked between snow-capped peaks in Colorado, this family home is a refuge to unwind and recharge.

The exposed wood beams combined with natural stone and iron accents bring in elements of the outdoors, while the 19th century reclaimed English oak flooring adds an authentic touch to this rustic retreat. Other noteworthy details include the copper apron front sinks in the kitchen, a copper bathtub with antique water heater, and a retro themed TV den.

Traditional fabric prints in checks and floral motifs were used in bedding and window coverings throughout the house to soften the masculine edges and to create a quaint hideaway for guests.

The highlights of this project include the kitchen banquette, complete with blue and white pillows, trim, tile and window treatments.

Breakfast Nook.png


Snowmass Village, Colorado

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